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We have recently acquired a state of the art Danley Sound Labs, sound system that's the latest in Point Source technology.

This new system is our 'go to" system for most setups and can power an event as big as 2000 guests or could be scaled down for events as small as 200 guests!
The Synergy Horn technology used in our Danley Sound Labs full range speakers, passively and seamlessly combines different bandwidth drivers into a single source which enables us great pattern control, meaning we have much more control pointing the sound to the audience rather than surrounding environment that causes unwanted reflection; Not to mention having a true point source system eliminates and reduces phasing and comb filtering issues, common in traditional line array and older point source technologies.
In addition the Synergy Horn technology used in our tops, we use Danley Sound Labs, Tapped Horn technology in our subwoofers which reproduce a deeper, cleaner, low end and also a single driver cabinet is as efficient as a double driver cabinet of other designs.
Combine the revolutionary technology in these speakers with our high-tech intelligent class D amplifiers & DSPs manufactured by Linea Research UK and we're getting one of the most efficient, clean sounding sound systems available anywhere.

Our system sounds better, it's faster and easier to setup, it's extremely efficient and draws a fraction of the power, the conventional sound systems of comparable output require, and it has a smaller footprint, sometimes, half the size and number of cabinets. You might conclude we have a better sounding, "greener" sound system!


DJ culture has evolved greatly in the past 2-3 decades, and some DJ acts have become as big, if not bigger, as rockstars. Majority of Audio engineers in the pro audio industry who have years of experience working and mixing bands, lack the experience and understanding of how the DJing world is different from live music and this divide becomes more apparent in bigger shows, where the sound technicians setup the way they're accustomed to in the live band realm. Having a team of people who come from both DJ world and musicians who've played in bands, written and produced music, we have a different and completely fresh outlook on this. We believe the way live bands are setup and are completely different from what DJs require on the stage and they should be treated very differently and armed with a different set of tools in order to have a successful show, and we pride ourselves in knowing the difference and catering to both worlds.




Pro Audio


Whether you need a unique stage designed for your outdoor music festival, require the latest technology in sound and lighting for your concert, a sophisticated projection mapping for your product launch, or celebrating special occasions and need a customized production for your event, we can help you bring your vision to life!

  • Pro Audio & Backline

  • Stage/Set Design & Built & Decor

  • Lighting & Visual

  • Temporary Bar Built

  • Vendor Booths

  • Catering Stations



It doesn't matter if you're trying to do ticketing and admission for a big event, staff and manage a bar & catering at a big ball, do artist liaison and management at a music festival, or be your point to deal with venues for your corporate seminar, let us handle the logistics for you and manage your event!

  • Project Management for music festivals

  • Event Planning & Logistics

  • Artists Relations & Liaison

  • Bar Management & Staffing


You're opening a new venue? you're setting up a new sound system? getting too many noise complaints? your visuals are lacking or your room needs acoustical treatment? maybe your bar is too slow and your floor layout doesn't work... 

You need a team with design & construction background, hospitality and entertainment experience, and technical expertise to point you in the right direction, and come up with the most practical and efficient solutions.

  • Venue Design & Construction (Bars, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Lounges, etc.)

  • Sound System Design & Install 

  • Lighting & Visual Design & Install

  • Sound Dampening & Insulation

  • Acoustical Treatment

  • Management & Staff Training

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